Wendy Nieper  


Wendy Nieper
Classical soprano, jazz vocalist, vocal coach.


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Vocal coaching

Wendy offers one-to-one practical tuition for all standards, choral coaching and Masterclasses for new performers.

She draws on her experience as a regular performing classical soloist and jazz singer, and holds a Hon. B.C. & B. Mus. (Hons) First class from the Birmingham Conservatoire of Music.

Wendy was vocal coach for Sir Michael Caine on his film "Is anybody there?", at the 'Sing A Cappella' convention, and has taught scat singing at the jazz department at the Ghent Conservatoire (Belgium). She has also taught at the 'City Lit.' in London, in schools and privately from her home studio. She coaches choirs on vocal technique within performance and has run over 100 music workshops throughout the UK. She lives in Evesham, Worcestershire.


SING A Cappella Convention, Choir -Vox Concordia.

What happens in a one-on-one voice lesson?

Whether you are a classical singer, a recording R&B artist or just a keen amateur, Wendy can offer comprehensive advice and exercises to help vocalists. In the first lesson the student will be asked to sing a piece to help breaks the ice, and accustoms the student to singing in the presence of a teacher.
Wendy will then help the student with technical solutions to achieving a healthy, natural voice including:

- Improving breath capacity

- Control and support

- Expanding and strengthening the range without tension

- Warm-up techniques

- Getting rid of any breaks in the voice, creating an even range from low to high

Time may be spent working on poor tone quality, poor onset of tone, hoarseness, breathiness e.t.c. As every singer is different she spends time getting to know the students individual needs and voice and relating technical exercises to the songs they are learning. She also gives many tools for the student to correct problems themselves once away from the lesson. Time can be spent developing characterisation & interpretation and even how to sing healthily while playing a musical instrument, for example a guitar or piano.

How to combat nerves and sing under pressure is often overlooked by and results in frustrating performances. Depending on what the student is working towards, Wendy offers practical advice on preparing for an audition, recording day or performance.

As a guide: If you have an audition next week, come for one or two lessons to work on stagecraft, presentation and nerves. If you want to improve and strengthen your voice, you would learn the basics if you came every week for a few months. If you are really serious about singing, then regular lessons over six to twelve months will help you develop a healthy and versatile voice. Opera singers train for 5+ years, pop singers usual much less. If you are worried about money, come every fortnight.


"I can't tell you how thrilled we have all been with your visit, you gave so much and of course were such an inspiration. Thank you so much for your wonderful singing. So cool!"

Master-class and Concert Worcester School.

"Thank you for the overwhelming help you've given me with my singing. I feel I've improved so much and most importantly I feel more confident. It has been great fun coming to your lessons and something I was always looking forward to. I hit the high notes especially better than before and the most important thing is that I am really starting to enjoy singing and enjoy the sound of my voice so it is definitely a good sign! Once again thank you very much."

Alex Barysh (rock singer) - www.alexbarysh.com

"Wendy gave me singing lessons for about one year, up to my untimely move out of London. This was a very good year, in which my singing really improved. It is amazing how many tips and tricks she proposes to solve vocal issues. Wendy has a very critical ear and a friendly and positive attitude, which makes her very commendable as a teacher."

Jaap van der Weerd (classical bass) Leiden, The Netherlands